Hi, I'm Masha.

I founded Product Narrative Consulting to help companies drive growth by “thinking in story” and doing irresistible product marketing.

I’ve crafted messaging for some of the world’s biggest SaaS companies including Microsoft, Slack, and Salesforce, and helped unicorn startups cut through the noise across various industries in biotech, supply chain, devops, and more.

The power of one compelling product narrative has helped marketing teams re-align focus and resources, generate millions in untapped revenue, and convert customers into loyal brand advocates.

My Story

How it began

I’ve been working in SaaS enterprises for over a decade with experience at every level as I worked from junior marketer to CMO consultant.

After years of doing marketing at Xbox and then Microsoft, I knew it was time for a change when I grew disillusioned with the traditional ways of doing marketing: long slide decks that people would skim, tedious lists of product pros & cons. . . there was no compelling product marketing behind them to excite consumers and internal teams alike.

The insight

Things changed when I learned about product narratives and taught myself product marketing with the help of the world’s best storytellers as mentors.

I joined Slack and wrote their first ever product narrative. I coached the team to become better storytellers which helped the entire company realign, guided by one clear and cohesive product narrative.

This led to the creation of Slack’s “Why Slack” webinar which generated over $200K in just one month. Since then, I’ve helped numerous other SaaS enterprises and startups find their voice and generate millions in revenue in today’s competitive attention economy.

Why I Do What I Do

I now make it my mission to help companies tap into product marketing storytelling. It’s a simple idea, but few can do it right.

Yet the results are undeniable: unlocking new growth avenues, empowering teams to do inspired work, and rekindling emotional connections with consumers.

A Few Highlights

A Few Highlights

What Others Are Saying

“I took everything I learned from Masha about  storytelling and built a narrative to lead my company.”


“Masha crafted an enterprise narrative that excited our leadership team and jumpstarts us to hit our revenue goals.”


“Masha helped us nail our messaging and reposition our old and new products together in one platform narrative.”


I’m always happy to meet interesting people for coffee.

You can reach out via email or fill out this form for a free 30-min consultation. 

AND HERE’s SOme Interesting facts to break the ice:

— I just started tennis and am always looking for playing partners.

— I’m writing a children’s book in my spare time.

— I love the Oregon coast, and spend as much time up there as I can.