The ultimate guide to be a top paid marketer by doing less

Unlock your marketing career’s full potential. By mastering how to think in story.

Unlock your marketing career’s full potential. By mastering how to think in story.

Drawing from firsthand, real-life experiences, I’ll show you how I climbed the corporate ladder at some of the top companies in the world to carve my own career path from junior marketer to CMO consultant. Along the way, I’ll teach you marketing’s most sought-after and difficult skill of storytelling through my proven Product Narrative Method.

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“A game-changer for any marketer.”

Matthew Dicks, NYT BEStSelling author
& Founder of Storyworthy

Matthew Dicks, NYT Bestselling author & Founder of Storyworth


Hi, I'm Masha.

I am the founder of Product Narrative Consulting where I help companies unlock untapped growth and revenue through product marketing storytelling. I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest companies like Microsoft, Slack, and Salesforce to overhaul their product messaging and category positioning.

Writing a unique, compelling narrative about a digital product is hard. I wrote this book to consolidate everything I learned and teach it to the new wave of marketers that have only begun to realize the unignorable market advantage of great storytelling.

The catch is if storytelling were easy, we would all be doing it. This book is the result of years of painstaking research, real-world trial-and-error, and lots of terrified moments of forging my own path when nobody was doing what I was doing.

It’s designed to help busy marketers upskill quickly, gain confidence in their unique talents and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Lessons from the Real World

Lessons from the
Real World

Unlike other marketing books that take a dry, clerical approach, this book is story-driven. It traces my career choices, turns, and pivots at Microsoft, Slack, and Salesforce alongside the development of my Product Narrative Method – providing real-world context to every lesson so you’ll know when and how to apply them.

In this book, you won’t simply be following templates and recipes – you’ll learn to think differently and become confident in your creativity. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing something uniquely different. I’ll show you what that was for me – learning to think in story – and how to implement narrative elements like humor, stakes, and vulnerability to craft immersive, emotionally resonant stories.

Through this journey, you will also discover the various career opportunities that exist in the marketing world — from early startups to global enterprises — so you can find your own niche and pursue a path that’s personally fulfilling.

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“I took everything I learned from Masha about storytelling and built a narrative to lead my company.”


“Masha crafted an enterprise narrative that excited our leadership team and jumpstarts us to hit our revenue goals.”


“Masha helped us nail our messaging and reposition our old and new products together in one platform narrative.”


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